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Bigger, Bolder, Braver

Nov 11, 2022


'Enough. Discover your unique worth and live your God-given purpose' will be available to the public from November 16th 2022 through all major bookstores and online retailers. 

 If you've ever wondered:
'Is this it?
"What's wrong with me?'
Why does it seem so much easier for others?'

This book will be balm for your soul.

In Enough. Dr Kathrine McAleese will take you on a personal voyage to meet yourself - the you you've long forgotten and the you that you haven't yet met - so you can discover who you were put here to be, at an unhustled, God-designed pace.

It's time for you to meet her and be her.

"...Soul-liberating……inspiring, refreshing"
- Monica Speight

"Fun, approachable, kick in the pants."
- Nika Maples

"Amazing, thought-provoking, supportive."
- Lauren Malone

...Incredibly captivating, inspiring, encouraging... This book is for EVERY woman [with the] desire to step into the 'greater' that they have
in their heart."
Cortney Browning

"Required reading."
- Susan Fleming